Benefits of Quitting Smokeless Tobacco

• Cut related health risks.
• Stop damaging teeth and gums.

• Save money.
• Breath will smell better.

What is Smokeless Tobacco?

Smokeless tobacco is tobacco that is not burned. You don’t smoke it. Instead, you typically chew it and spit out the brown juices (created by the tobacco-saliva mix) every few seconds.

All forms of tobacco—whether chewed or smoked—contain harmful ingredients that can cause cancer and other serious health problems.

What are the Health Risks?

Chewing tobacco can cause painful mouth sores and bad breath, and stain your teeth a yellowish-brown color. It may also cause:

• Cracking and bleeding lips and gums
• Gum disease and tooth loss
• Increased heart rate and blood pressure

Cancer Smokeless tobacco also increases the risk of mouth (or oral) Cancer, according to the CDC. This can occur in the lips, tongue, roof and floor of the mouth, the cheeks and gums.

Steps to Stopping

There are five key steps to kicking the habit:

• Make a plan.
• Set a quit date.
• Ask for support.
• Manage urges to use.
• Curb nicotine withdrawal symptoms.


Tobacco Free Rodeo

One of the Premier Rodeo Companies in the Southwest is the Casper Baca Rodeo Series. Well-known around the country for outstanding livestock, Casper Baca Rodeo in collaboration with the NM Department of Health started the “Tobacco Free Rodeo” Series. There is on average 50 rodeos per year spread throughout the State.

Cowboys have long been associated with tobacco starting with the first iconic image of the “Marlboro” man. Today the athleticism of a bull or bronco rider requires the body to be in peak form. Casper Baca Rodeo encourages all our riders and our spectators to pursue a Tobacco Free lifestyle.


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